Wednesday, May 7, 2008

संसर्गतो जायते

सन्तप्तायसि संस्थितस्य पयसो नामापि न श्रूयते
मुक्ताकारतया तदेव नळिनीपत्रस्थितं दृश्यते ।
स्वात्यां सागरशुक्तिमध्यपतितं तन्मौक्तिकं जायते
प्रायेणाधममध्यमोत्तमगुणः संसर्गतो जायते ॥
A drop of water on a hot iron plate immediately looses existence. The same drop takes up the shape of a pearl when dropped on a lotus leaf. But, even in the middle of the ocean, a drop of water that enters the oyster achieves its destiny by turning into a real pearl. In time, a person becoming a wretched one, an average one or an extra-ordinary one depends on the company he keeps.

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