Thursday, May 8, 2008

र्विद्याविवेकचतुरा विबुधा

जानाति मन्दरगिरिर्जलधेर्महत्वं
    लङ्केश्वरोऽपि गुरुतां रजताचलस्य ।
विद्वज्जनस्य वचसो महिमानमुच्चै
    र्विद्याविवेकचतुरा विबुधा (विदन्ति) ॥
The mandara mountain alone knows the power of the sea. So does only Ravana knows the weight of Kailasa. Similarly, when the learned speak, only a person with good education and intelligence can comprehend them entirely.
- Subhashitasuradruma

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