Tuesday, July 7, 2009

प्रसन्नराघव - गुणग्रामाभिसंवादि

गुणग्रामाभिसंवादि नामापि हि महात्मनाम् ।
यथा सुवर्णश्रीखण्ड रत्नाकर सुधाकरः ।।

- प्रसन्नराघव

Even the names of great men describe their great characters. They are all very aptly named. Gold is called Suvarna (meaning: the one with lustrous color). Sandalwood is called Srikhanda (meaning: wood filled with wealth). Ocean is called Ratnakara (meaning: he who has gems). Moon is called Sudhakara (meaning: he who has the elixir)

Prasanna Raghava

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