Wednesday, July 15, 2009

मृच्छकटिक - न्यायाधीश

छन्नं दोषमुदाहरन्ति कुपिता न्यायेन दूरीकृताः
स्वान् दोषान् कथयन्ति नाधिकरणे सन्तोऽपि नष्टा
                                                ध्रुवम् ।
ये पक्षापरपक्षदोषसहिताः पापानि संकुर्वते
संक्षेपादपवाद एव सुलभो द्रष्टुर्गुणो दूरतः ॥

- मृच्छकटिक

When people are angry they hide their shortcomings (the truth). This often misleads the judge. More over, even a noble man will come up to the judge and admit his mistakes since they are certain that it will only cause harm. In many cases, both the defendant and the plaintiff are guilty (to some extent). The job of the judge is really thankless. It can only attract slander but never total praise. There is atleast one party that accuses the judge of partiality.

- Mrucchakatika

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