Friday, July 17, 2009

बृहत्पराशरश्मृति - वरे गुणाः

जातिवुद्यावयःशक्तिरारोग्यं बहुपक्षता ।
अर्थित्वं वित्तसंपत्तिरष्टावेते वरे गुणाः ॥

- बृहत्पराशरश्मृति

The following are the eight characteristics one must look for in a bridegroom - he must belong to a virtuous family, well educated, young (youthful), strength, healthy, liked by many (not hated by majority), willingness to start a family and wealth (at least a drive to earn money)

- Bruhat Parashara Smriti

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