Thursday, July 23, 2009

महावीरचरित - सकृत्संवादेऽपि

तमांसि ध्वंसन्ते परिणमति भूयानुपशमः
    सकृत्संवादेऽपि प्रथत इह चामुत्र च शुभम् ।
अथ प्रत्यासङ्गः कमपि महिमानं वितरति
    प्रसन्नानां वाचः फलमपरिमेयं प्रसुवते ॥

- महावीरचरित

The benefits of association with virtuous people is immense. It destroys all your bad habits. They have a calming effect on your mind. Even if they speak to you once, it will help you in this world and after life too. Their association will spread greatness to every body involved. If they happily talk to you, it will bear lot of sweet fruits.

- Mahaveera Charita

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