Friday, August 14, 2009

बृहत् पराशर स्मृति - कलौ तपस्विनः

धर्मश्च लोकदंभार्थं पाषाण्डार्थं तपस्विनः ।
विविधा वाग्वंचनार्थं कलौ सत्यानुसारिणी ॥

- बृहत् पराशर स्मृति

In the time of kali (present age) the Rishis will claim to follow dharma only to show off. Their words will be very convinsing like truth. But they are only meant to cheat you. All these are so unrighteous in nature.

- Bruahat Parashara Smriti, Epoch of Kali

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