Thursday, August 6, 2009

भामिनीविलास - दर्प

    परिगलितलतानां म्लायतां भूरुहाणाम् ।
अयि जलधर शैलश्रेणिशृङ्गेषु तोयं
    वितरसि बहु कोऽयं श्रीमदस्तावकीनः ॥

- भामिनीविलास

The high and indiscreet flames of the forest fire have burnt down many trees. The creepers that were clinging on to those trees are lying on the ground. It is these places that are in need of rain. But still, oh rain!! you pour water only over the cold mountains that are very high. Is this not an example of your arrogance? (misusing your power)

- Bhaminivilasa

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