Sunday, August 9, 2009

बृहत् पराशर स्मृति - कन्यादान

दूरस्थानामविद्यानां मोक्षधर्मानुयायिनाम् ।
शूराणां निर्धनानां च न देय कन्यका बुधैः ॥

- बृहत् पराशर स्मृति

A wise man will not give his daughter in marriage to these people - some living very far away, an uneducated person, a man who is only interested in seeking salvation, a madly courageous person or a poor person. While they may not have any glaring shortcomings the chances of long lasting happy married life is less with each of the above grooms.

- Brahat Parashara Smriti

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