Saturday, September 12, 2009

मनु स्मृति - नित्य धर्म

नान्नमद्यादेकवासाः न नग्नः स्नानमाचरेत् |
न मूत्रं पथि कुर्वीत न भस्मनि न गोव्रजे ||

- मनु स्मृति

One must cover both his upper and lower body while eating. One must not take bath entirely naked. One must not urinate by the side of a path, or over ashes, or in a cattle shed. It is obvious why one must not urinate by the side of the path. Ashes and Cow-dung (cow-urine) are known to have other good uses. It should not be contaminated by human urine.

- Manu Smriti

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