Saturday, September 19, 2009

अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तला - राजधर्म

नियमयसि विमार्गप्रस्थितानात्तदंडः
    प्रशमयसि विवादं कल्पसे रक्षणाय |
अतनषु विभवेषु ज्ञातयः सन्तु नाम
    त्वयि तु परिसमाप्तं बन्धुकृत्यं प्रजानाम् ||

- अभिज्ञान शाकुन्तला

This verse describes how must a noble king behave. He must bring those who wander astray by punishing them. He must settle disputes among his subjects fairly. He must understand that many people will be willing to be his relatives/well-wishers when he has all the money. But he himself must behave as if all his subjects are his relatives. One must not favor any one subject more than the other.

- Abhijnana Shakuntala

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