Sunday, September 20, 2009

सुभाषित सुधानिधि - तृष्णा

निरानन्दा दारा व्यसनविमुखो बांधवजनो
  जडीभूतो मित्रं धनविरहशीर्णः परिजनः |
असन्तुष्टं चेतः कुलिशकठिनं जीवितमिदं
  विधिर्वामारंभस्तदपि च मनो वाञ्छति सुखम् ||

- सुभाषित सुधानिधि

This verse describes the state of a utterly hopeless situation of a man. Wife is not happy. Relatives have opted to look the other way (to escape the awkward situation of being forced to help him). Friends are not responding. Those well-wishers around him are all penniless. Mind is unsatisfied. Life is as hard as it gets. Fate is against him. Still the mind is still wanting all the pleasures of life. Even when faced with such great misery, a man does not understand that the root cause of all misery is greed and desire.

- Subhashitasudhanidhi

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