Monday, September 21, 2009

चंपूरामायण बालकाण्ड - महता

नूनं जनेन पुरुषे महति प्रयुक्तं
    अगः परं तदनुरूपफलं प्रसूते |
कृत्वा रघूद्वहगतेः क्षणमंतारायं
    यद्भार्गवः परगतेर्विहतिं प्रपेदे ||

- चंपूरामायण, बालकाण्ड

When a common man's actions impede the great undertakings of a noble man, then the common man will meet with befitting fate (as punishment). Look at what happened to Parashurama (one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu who will be in that form ever without salvation) for having impeded Rama's mission on earth although it was only for a second. Parashurama is destined to be in this world (earth) for ever without ever returning to his original self (as Vishnu).

- Champuramayana, Balakanda

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