Thursday, September 24, 2009

अन्योक्तिस्तबक - कमल

पङ्कोद्भवं न च विमर्दसहं सदैव
    शैवालजालसहवासविडंबितं च |
इन्दीवरं दिनकरेण महाशयेन
    संभावितं भवति भाजनमिन्दिरायाः ||

- अन्योक्तिस्तबक

A lotus has its origin in slush. It is very gentle. It is easily hurt even by small force. It is subject to ridicule since it accompanies dirty algae all the time. But it is blessed by the Sun God. A lotus blooms when his rays fall over it. It becomes so beautiful and strong that Goddess Lakshmi sits on it. If you have blessings from a virtuous man, then it does help a lot.

- Anyoktistabaka

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