Tuesday, September 29, 2009

पंचतंत्र - काकोलूकीय - पण्डितः - सभा

परपरिवादः परिषदि न कथंचित्पण्डितेन वक्तव्यः |
सत्यमपि तन्न वाच्यं यदुक्तमसुखावहं भवति ||

- पंचतंत्र - काकोलूकीय

A wise man knows how to behave in a gathering. He knows well that he must not ridicule/talk harshly to any one (even when they are his opponents). Some times, even the truth must not be told. Especially when it is sure to hurt some one.

- Panchatantra - Kakolukiya

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