Sunday, September 6, 2009

चारुचर्या - स्वामि धर्म

नात्यर्थमर्थार्थनया धीमानुद्वेजयेज्जनम् ।
अब्धिर्दत्ताश्वरत्नश्रीर्मथ्यमानोऽसृजद्विषम् ॥

- चारुचर्या

A wise man will not press his employees too much in order to earn a lot of profits. He will do just enough to keep them motivated. When the Gods and Demons churned the ocean, the ocean first gave the divine horse (ucchaishravas), the lot of gems, then Goddess Lakshmi. Still they continued to churn. Hence the ocean gave them poison (halaahala).

- Charucharya

PS: The real order of what the ocean offered during the churning is not accurate in the verse above. But it is only indicative of how a servant's response will be if he is demanded to work beyond reasonable times.

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