Thursday, October 1, 2009

नारद स्मृति - सत्य

परं कूपशताद्वापि परं वापीशतात्कृतुः |
परं कृतुशतात् पुत्रः सत्यं पुत्रशतात् परम् ||

- नारद स्मृति

A lake is more useful than a hundred wells. If we do not have the right apparatus to get the water out, a well is useless. Doing a Yajna (rituals) is more useful than finding hundred lakes. By performing Yajna one can get pure water in the form of rain. Having a son is better than performing hundred Yajnas. He shall perform many more Yajnas for you and help you accumulate good Karma. Always acting truthfully is better than all of them since it will eliminate the need for any of them.

- Narada Smriti

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