Wednesday, October 28, 2009

भामिनीमान - विधिविपर्यास

भूतिर्नीचगृहेषु विप्रसदने दारिद्र्यकोलाहलः
    नाशो हंत सतामसत्पथजुषामायुः शतानां शतम् |
दुर्नीतिं तव वीक्ष्य कोपदहनज्वालाजटलोऽपिसन्
    किं कुर्वे जगदीश यत्पुनरहं दीनो भवानीश्वरः ||

- भामिनीमान

The bad people always have plenty. Poverty dances in the homes of people who lead a honest life. Virtuous people die early while the rogues live for hundred years. When I see such atrocities in Your creation, I get all fumed up in anger. But what can I do, I am helpless and you are all powerful.

- Bhaminimana

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