Thursday, October 8, 2009

अविमारक - राज - मंत्रि

प्रसिद्धौ कार्याणां प्रवदति जनः पार्थिवबलं
    विपत्तौ विस्पष्टं सचिवमतिदोषं जनयति |
अमात्या इत्युक्ताः श्रुतिसुखमुदारं नृपतिभिः
    सुसूक्ष्मं दण्ड्यंते मतिबलविदग्धाः कुपुरुषाः ||

- अविमारक

When things work out for good, people give credit to the king (telling that it was his benevolence that got the work done). When things go wrong, the subjects usually blame the minister for bad administration. Even though the kings call the ministers as "amaatya" (meaning: a dear one), they punish the ministers in a subtle way. In fact a very learned and wise minister is also treated like a rogue.

- Avimaraka, King, Minister

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