Tuesday, December 15, 2009

हितोपदेश - संधि - राग

वनेऽपि दोषाः प्रभवन्ति रागिणां
    गृहेऽपि पंचेन्द्रियनिग्रहं तपः |
अकुत्सिते कर्मणि यः प्रवर्तते
    निवृत्तरागस्य गृहं तपोवनम् ||

- हितोपदेश, संधि

A person with lot of desires will not at peace even in a forest. He will find something or the other to indulge in. On the other hand, if a person has over come greed and desires and can control his senses - he can find peace right in his home. If you are earning your daily food by a respectable occupation and give up all the desires - your own home will become a penance ground.

- Hitopadesha, Sandhi

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