Thursday, December 17, 2009

अन्योक्तिस्तबक - हंस बक

वाग्देव्या सह सख्यमाचर वह ब्रह्माणमाविष्कुरु
  प्राविण्यं गतिषु प्रदर्शय निजं विद्याबलं निर्मलम् |
मीनं मा स्पृश मौक्तिकं कवलय क्रीड द्रुतं द्यौस्तले
  चेदव्रीड बकाधम प्रतिभया हंसत्वमाकांक्षसि ||

- अन्योक्तिस्तबक

Oh Duck! you secretly wish to be a swan. I will tell you what you need to do to become one. You must be friends with Saraswathi (goddess of learning). You must climb the back of Lord Brahma (the creator). You must show elegance in your walking. You must study more and increase your knowledge. You must give up eating fish. Instead you must have pearls (pure crystal water) for food. You must learn to fly in the sky. When you can do all these, then you can wish to be a swan.

- Anyoktistabaka

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