Wednesday, December 2, 2009

अविमारकम् - यौवन

रागं विजृंभयति संश्रयते प्रमादं
    दोषान् न चिंतयति साहसमभ्युपैति |
स्वच्छंदतो व्रजति नेच्छति नीतिमार्गं
    बुद्धिं शुभां सुविदुषामवशीकरोति ||


It increases desires. It accompanies madness. It does not let you see your own mistakes. It makes you take up risky adventures. It makes you yearn for a care-free existence. It forces you to go away from the right path. It controls your wisdom even though are intelligent. Such is the effect of youth on a person.

- Avimarakam

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