Tuesday, December 22, 2009

शिशुपालवध - अल्पधीः अपायः

    परतः श्रद्दधतेऽथवा बुधाः|
न परोपहितं न च स्वतः
    प्रमिमीतेऽनुभवादृतेऽल्पधीः ||

- शिशुपालवध

A wise man can foretell the problems that may come in his way. If he misses it, then he will at least listen when others tell him about the troubles he is going to face. But an idiot will neither see it himself, not listen to people who warn him about it. He comes to know about it only when he will experiences it (and unprepared).

- Shishupalavadha

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