Saturday, December 26, 2009

सुबंधु - सुभाषितसुधानिधि - पिशुनः

    खल इति न मृषा वदन्ति विद्वांसः |
यदयं नकुलद्वेषी
    कुलविद्वेषी पुनः पिशुनः ||

- सुबंधु - सुभाषितसुधानिधि

Between a rogue rumor monger and a snake wise men say that the rogue is more dangerous. It is indeed true. A snake is not an enemy to your entire clan (it hates only mongoose). But a wicked man is. It is a play of words here. In sanskrit नकुल, means mongoose. It also means "not entire family" when broken down differently.

- Subandhu Subhashitasudhanidhi

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