Thursday, December 31, 2009

हितोपदेश - विग्रह - मूर्ख

शतं दद्यान्न विवदेदिति सुज्ञस्य सम्मतम् |
विना हेतुमपि द्वंद्वं तत्स्यान्मूर्खस्य लक्षणम् ||

- हितोपदेश - विग्रह

A wise man will avoid arguments if it can be avoided with some loss (about a hundred rupees). He thinks like that because he knows that the hundred he would save by an argument is not worth the fight. On the other hand, a fool would kick up an argument even if he has no reason to do so. He may be just hoping that the other person will just give up some money. Money so earned will never do any good.

- Hitopadesha

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