Friday, December 4, 2009

भल्लटशतक - अधिकारि

रे रे रासभ वस्त्रभारवहनात् कुग्रासमश्नासि किं
    राजाश्वावसथं प्रयाह्जि चणकभ्यूषान् सुखं भक्षय |
सर्वान् पुच्छवतो हयानभिवदन्त्यत्राधिकारे स्थिताः
    राजा तैरुपदिष्टमेव मनुते सत्यं तटस्थाः परे ||

- भल्लटशतक

Oh Oh Donkey! Why are you eating garbage after having carried so much weight? Go to the royal stable where they keep the horses. Don't mind the officers there. They consider anything with a tail as a horse. That place is filled with yes-men who consider the kings words to be the ultimate truth. The others (who can know right from wrong) will not mind (do not care) you eating there.

- Bhallatashataka

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