Sunday, January 31, 2010

मनुस्मृति - स्त्री

स्त्रियां तु रोचमानायां सर्वं तद्रोचते कुलम् |
तस्यां त्वरोचमानायां सर्वमेव न रोचते ||

- मनुस्मृति

If the women in the family are happy, then the whole family will be happy. If they are sad (or dissatisfied) then the entire clan will be made unhappy.

- Manu Smriti

Saturday, January 30, 2010

शिशुपालवध - कोपः

सामवादाः सकोपस्य तस्य प्रत्युत दीपकाः |
प्रतप्तस्येव सहसा सर्पिषस्तोयबिन्दवः ||

- शिशुपालवध

When one is angry we should not try to placate him by talking sensibly and logically. Such talk will only aggravate his anger since it would show that his anger is not justified. If you sprinkle water over hot oil (or ghee) in the pan, it will agitate oil more.

- Shishupalavadha

Friday, January 29, 2010

हितोपदेश - मित्रलाभ - अल्पकैरपि संहतिः

संहतिः श्रेयसी पुंसां स्वकुलैरल्पकैरपि |
तुषेणापि परित्यक्तः तण्डुलो न प्ररोहति ||

- हितोपदेश, मित्रलाभ

Success comes to only those people who stick by their fellow beings even if they are weak. A seed of rice can not grow into a plant if it abandons the husk.

- Hitopadesha, Mitralabha

Thursday, January 28, 2010

किरातार्जुनीय - विमृश्यकारिणः

सहसा विदधीत न क्रियां
    अविवेकः परमापदां पदम् |
वृणते हि विमृश्यकारिणं
    गुणलुब्धाः स्वयमेव संपदः ||

- किरातार्जुनीय

One must not hurry while starting something important. If you hurry, it is a recipie for disaster. Success automatically comes to those who patiently plan before starting something. Success is attracted towards such qualities.

- Kiratarjuniya

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

शिशुपालवध - नीचगुण

सहजांधदृशः स्वदुर्नये
    परदोषेक्षणदिव्यचक्षुषः |
स्वगुणोच्चगिरो मुनिव्रताः
    परवर्णग्रहणेष्वसाधवः ||

- शिशुपालवध

Wicked people are blind to their own mistakes. But they have microscopic eyes when it comes to finding faults with others. They shout on top of their voices when they are talking about their qualities. However, they go mute when asked to describe other people's virtues

- Shishupalavadha

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

मृच्छकटिक - स्वभाव दोष

सस्यलंपटबलीवर्दो न शक्यो वारयितुं
    अन्यप्रसक्तकलत्रं न शक्यं वारयितुम् |
द्यूतप्रसक्तमनुष्यो न शक्यो वारयितुं
    योऽपि स्वाभाविकदोषो न शक्यो वारयितुम् ||

- मृच्छकटिक

One can not control a bull that is running towards green grass eager to eat it. One can not control a wife who is interested in some one else. One can not control a man who is addicted to gambling. One can not reform a person whose innate character is to be wicked. He is incorrigible.

- Mrucchakatika

Monday, January 25, 2010

गरुडपुराण - सुखासक्तः

संसारजसुखासक्तं ब्रह्मज्ञोस्मीति वादिनम् |
कर्मब्रह्मोभयभ्रष्टं संत्यजेदंत्यजं यथा ||

- गरुडपुराण

If a person showing lot of interest in sensory pleasure claims that he has the knowledge of the universe, then he neither knows the real meaning of the universe nor that of karma (actions). He must be considered as a rogue and ostracized

- Garuda Purana

Sunday, January 24, 2010

वल्लभदेव - वीर्यवान्

सर्वैर्गुणैर्विहीनोऽपि वीर्यवान् हि तरेद्रिपून् |
सर्वैरपि गुणैर्युक्तो निर्वीर्यः किं करिष्यति ||

- वल्लभदेव

If one does not have lofty virtues but is courageous, he can conquer his enemies. What good is all the virtues if one does not have the courage to confront and conquer your adversaries?

- Vallabhadeva

Saturday, January 23, 2010

श्लोकवार्तिक - शास्त्र प्रयोजनं

सर्वस्य हि शास्त्रस्य कर्मणो वाऽपि कस्यचित् |
यावत् प्रयोजनं नोक्तं तावत् तत् केन गृह्यते ||

- श्लोकवार्तिक

One must always tell the use (or applications) of any knowledge, wisdom or any action. If people do not see applications, they will not pay attention to it.

- Shlokavartika

Friday, January 22, 2010

हितोपदेश - मित्रलाभ - स्वभाव

सर्वस्य हि परीक्ष्यन्ते स्वभावा नेतरे गुणाः |
अतीत्य हि गुणान्सर्वान् स्वभावो मूर्ध्नि वर्तते ||

- हितोपदेश - मित्रलाभ

Everybody has to be tested on his innate character than their acquired behavior. In case of distress (or any other pressure) it is the innate character that stands out in the open without any masks (of acquired behavior)

- Hitopadesha, Mitralabha

Thursday, January 21, 2010

उत्तररामचरित - वाचन

सर्वथा व्यवहर्तव्यं कुतोह्यवचनीयता |
यथा स्त्रीणां तथा वाचां साधुत्वे दुर्जनो जनः ||

- उत्तररामचरित

How can one be silent in the face of adversary? One has to talk (and defend himself). When it is the matter of some one accusing you of something, or hurting the ladies - inaction is not an option. One is called noble only when wickedness is paid back in the same coin.

- Uttararamacharita

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

पञ्चतंत्र - मित्रभेद - स्वभाव

स्वभावो नोपदेशेन शक्यते कर्तुमन्यथा |
सुतप्तमपि पानीयं पुनर्गच्छति शीतताम् ||

- पञ्चतंत्र - मित्रभेद

Objects or people will always follow their innate disposition. It can not be changed by any amount of advice. No matter how much heat water, left to itself, it will cool down.

- Panchatantra, Mitrabhedha

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

याज्ञवल्क्य - वणिजानां कपटसूत्र

संभूय वणिजां पण्यं अनर्घेणोपरुन्धताम् |
विक्रीणतां वा विहितो दन्ड उत्तम साहसः ||

- याज्ञवल्क्य

If all the vendors get together and hoard merchandise to create artificial scarcity so that they can sell them at higher price, then all of them must be punished.

- Yajnavalkya

Monday, January 18, 2010

मनुस्मृति - सभा औचित्य

सभा वा न प्रविष्टव्यं वक्तव्यं वा समंजसम् |
अब्रुवन् विब्रुवन् वाऽपि नरो भवति किल्बिषी ||

- मनुस्मृति

One must not go to a gathering without proper preparation. Even when one does, one should not speak inappropriately. It does not matter whether your bad words were intentional or accidental. You will be guilty.

- Manu Smriti

Sunday, January 17, 2010

शिशुपालवध - अल्पतृप्ति

संपदा सुस्थिरंमन्यो भवति स्वल्पयाऽपि यः |
कृतकृत्यो विधिर्मन्ये न वर्धयति तस्य ताम् ||

- शिशुपालवध

If a person is happy with little wealth, providence will assume that his job is done. Hence He will not provide him with riches. This is a view point that says one must aim for greater wealth and only then would he be able to achieve it. However, there is no mention about what kind of wealth it is. If it is the wealth of knowledge then it is good to aim for more wealth. But there are countless other verses that say it is futile to wish for more wealth in the material worldly sense.

- Shishupalavadha

Saturday, January 16, 2010

सोमप्रभाचार्यस्य सूक्तिमुक्तावलि - रोषः

संतापं तनुते भिनत्ति विनयं सौहार्दमुत्सादय-
त्युद्वेगं जनयत्यवद्यवचनं सूते विधत्ते कलिम् |
कीर्तिं कृंतति दुर्मतिं वितरति व्याहन्ति पुण्योदयं
दत्ते यः कुगतिं स हातुमुचितो रोषः स दोषः सताम् ||

- सोमप्रभाचार्यस्य सूक्तिमुक्तावलि

A wise man must renounce anger. For anger has the following effect on people. It will cause distress. It will kill humility and friendship. It will beget anxiety. It will make you utter bad words (the unutterable). It will give rise to differences. It will cut short your fame. It will spread wickedness (among all of them who suffer from your anger). It will diminish all your collected good karma and let you die a horrible death.

- Somaprabhacharya's Suktimuktavali

Friday, January 15, 2010

नारदस्मृति - सत्य

सत्यं देवाः समासेन मनुष्यास्त्वनृतं स्मृताः |
इहैव तस्य देवत्वं यस्य सत्ये स्थिता मतिः ||

- नारदस्मृति

In sanskrit etymology, one can break the word "deva" (= Gods) as truth and "mnushya" (=humans) as lies. But if a human being on earth keeps his mind (and actions) truthful all his life, he is to be considered as God on earth.

- Narada Smriti

Thursday, January 14, 2010

विष्णुपुराण - क्रोध

संचितस्यापि महता वत्स क्लेशेन मानवैः |
यशसस्तपसश्चैव क्रोधो नाशकरः परः ||

- विष्णुपुराण

People collect good qualities like fame and righteousness with all the hard work and care. But if they succumb to anger, then all of that goes away in an instant.

- Vishnupurana

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

महाभारत - बहुदोषा हि मानवाः

स्खलितः स्खलितो वध्य इति चेन्निश्चितं भवेत् |
द्वित्रा यद्यवशिष्येरन् बहुदोषा हि मानवाः ||

- महाभारत

If you dictate that every person who makes a mistake be killed, then there will be at most two or three people left in this world. Here, almost all people have committed one or the other mistake in life.

- Mahabharatha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

हितोपदेश - मित्रलाभ - षड्दोषाः

षड्दोषाः पुरुषेणेह हातव्या भूतिमिच्छता |
निद्रा तन्द्रा भयं क्रोधः आलस्यं दीर्घसूत्रता ||

- हितोपदेश - मित्रलाभ

Any person who intends to prosper should get rid of these six qualities in him: excessive sleep, easily fatigued, fear, anger, laziness, procrastination.

- Hitopadesha, Mitralabha

Monday, January 11, 2010

मनुस्मृति - स्त्री सौख्य

शोचन्ति चामयो यत्र विनश्यत्याशु तत्कुलम् |
न शोचन्ति तु यत्रैता वर्धते तद्धि सर्वदा ||

- मनुस्मृति

If the women of the house are in distress (due to oppression) then that family will surely be destroyed. If they are not oppressed (and hence happy) then such a family surely prosper.

- Manu Smriti

Sunday, January 10, 2010

दक्षस्मृति - गौरव

शिष्यो भार्या शिशुर्भ्राता पुत्रो दासः समाश्रितः |
यस्यैतानि विनीतानि तस्य लोके हि गौरवम् ||

- दक्षस्मृति

In a house, only if the student, the wife, the kid brother, the son, the servant and any dependent is obedient to you, then you will have respect in the society.

- Daksha Smriti

Saturday, January 9, 2010

पंचरात्र - चारित्रहीन

शुष्केणैकेन वॄक्षेण वनं पुष्पितपादपं |
कुलं चारित्रहीनेन पुरुषेणेव दह्यते ||

- पंचरात्र

A single dry tree is enough to cause a forest fire and harm the entire forest. Just like that, one bad person in the family can lead to the destruction of the entire family.

- Pancharatra

Friday, January 8, 2010

अत्रिसंहिता - भिक्षुकः

शास्त्रेषु हीनाः कवयो भवन्ति
    कवित्वहीनस्य पुराणभट्टाः |
पुराणहीनाः कृषका भवन्ति
    भग्नाः कृषेर्भगवता भवन्ति ||

- अत्रिसंहिता

Those who are not well versed with the scriptures will become poets. Those who are not poetic will at least be able to recite the puranas (mythological stories). Those who can not do that will become agriculturists. Those who can not do agriculture, will roam villages asking for alms.

- Atrisamhita

Thursday, January 7, 2010

मृच्छकटिक - न्यायाधीश

शास्त्रज्ञः कपटानुसारकुशलो वक्ता न च क्रोधनः
तुल्यो मित्रपरस्वकेषु चरितं दृष्ट्वैव दत्तोत्तरः |
क्लिबान् पालयिता शठान् व्यथयिता धर्म्यो न लोभान्वितः
द्विर्भावे परतत्त्वबद्धहृदयो राज्ञश्च कोपापहः ||

- मृच्छकटिक

A judge has to be well educated. He is skilled in recognizing deceit. He speaks pleasantly. He speaks with friends and foe alike with respect and humility. He can see watch your actions and tell what you are up to. He will protect the weak. He will punish the culprits. He is not easily influenced by greed. When in doubt he will always do the right thing. His actions will relieve the king of any anger.

- Mrucchakatika

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

भास्कराचार्य - शास्त्र

शास्त्रार्थं तत्त्वतोज्ञात्वा चरिष्यामो वयं सदा |
न नो व्यसनिता काचित् विमतिप्रतिबोधने ||

- भास्कराचार्य

We are living in a way that is appropriate in terms of what is written in the scriptures. I think I have understood their essence. But I do not have the patience (or intent) to confront every one that says the opposite and make him believe in our scriptures.

- Bhaskaracharya

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

सुभाषितसुधानिधि - कुतंत्र

शाठ्येन मित्रं कपटेन धर्मं
    परोपतापेन समृद्धभावम् |
सुखेन विद्यां परुषेण नारीं
    वांछन्ति ये नूनमपण्डितास्ते ||

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

He is a fool who thinks he can get friends by tricking people, follow dharma by deceit, can get richer (happily) by troubling others, get education by lazing around, win a woman's heart by force. A person with such beliefs is definitely fooling himself.

- Subhashtiasudhanidhi

Monday, January 4, 2010

किरातार्जुनीय - काम

श्वस्त्वया सुखसंवित्तिः स्मरणीयाधुनातनी |
इति स्वप्नोपमान् मत्वा कामान्मागास्तदंगताम् ||

- किरातार्जुनीय

All the sensory pleasures you enjoy today will only be recalled as memories tomorrow. Tomorrow they are nothing more real than dream. Hence sensory pleasures must be treated like all other dreams - unreal.

- Kiratarjuniya

Sunday, January 3, 2010

कुवलयानन्द - कृपणः

शरणं किं प्रपन्नानि विषवन्मारयन्ति वा |
न त्यज्यन्ते न भुज्यन्ते कृपणेन धनानि यत् ||

- कुवलयानन्द

A miser does not let go of his money. He will not spend it. He will not give it away in charity. Has he conquered wealth? Or wealth gotten into him like poison and does not let go of him until he is dead?

- Kuvalayananda

Saturday, January 2, 2010

नागानन्द - वन

शय्या शाद्वलमासनं शुचिशिला सद्म द्रुमाणामधः
शीतं निर्झरवारि पानमशनं कंदाः सहाया मृगाः |
इत्यप्रार्थितलभ्यसर्वविभवे दोषोऽयमेको वने
दुष्प्रापार्थिनि यत् परार्थघटनावंध्यैर्वऋथा स्थीयते ||

- नागानन्द

A bed made of soft grass. Seats made of clean stones. Houses under the trees. Pure cold water to drink from the freely flowing streams. Various tubes (like potato) for food. There are animals that help (in their own way). All the luxuries that can be thought of are present in the forest. But it all the facilities lack only one thing - there is no body make use of it.

- Nagananda

Friday, January 1, 2010

किरातार्जुनीय - कामसुख

श्रद्धेया विप्रलब्धारः प्रिया विप्रियकारिणः |
सुदुस्त्यजाः त्यजन्त्योऽपि कामाः कष्टा हि शत्रवः ||

- किरातार्जुनीय

Sensory pleasures are worse than conventional enemies. They will corrupt a person who has till then lead a righteous life. If a person embraces them with love, it will destroy him in return. It will not let go of him easily even if he wants to. Indeed, traditional enemies are better.

- Kiratarjuniya