Saturday, January 16, 2010

सोमप्रभाचार्यस्य सूक्तिमुक्तावलि - रोषः

संतापं तनुते भिनत्ति विनयं सौहार्दमुत्सादय-
त्युद्वेगं जनयत्यवद्यवचनं सूते विधत्ते कलिम् |
कीर्तिं कृंतति दुर्मतिं वितरति व्याहन्ति पुण्योदयं
दत्ते यः कुगतिं स हातुमुचितो रोषः स दोषः सताम् ||

- सोमप्रभाचार्यस्य सूक्तिमुक्तावलि

A wise man must renounce anger. For anger has the following effect on people. It will cause distress. It will kill humility and friendship. It will beget anxiety. It will make you utter bad words (the unutterable). It will give rise to differences. It will cut short your fame. It will spread wickedness (among all of them who suffer from your anger). It will diminish all your collected good karma and let you die a horrible death.

- Somaprabhacharya's Suktimuktavali

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