Sunday, January 17, 2010

शिशुपालवध - अल्पतृप्ति

संपदा सुस्थिरंमन्यो भवति स्वल्पयाऽपि यः |
कृतकृत्यो विधिर्मन्ये न वर्धयति तस्य ताम् ||

- शिशुपालवध

If a person is happy with little wealth, providence will assume that his job is done. Hence He will not provide him with riches. This is a view point that says one must aim for greater wealth and only then would he be able to achieve it. However, there is no mention about what kind of wealth it is. If it is the wealth of knowledge then it is good to aim for more wealth. But there are countless other verses that say it is futile to wish for more wealth in the material worldly sense.

- Shishupalavadha

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