Saturday, January 2, 2010

नागानन्द - वन

शय्या शाद्वलमासनं शुचिशिला सद्म द्रुमाणामधः
शीतं निर्झरवारि पानमशनं कंदाः सहाया मृगाः |
इत्यप्रार्थितलभ्यसर्वविभवे दोषोऽयमेको वने
दुष्प्रापार्थिनि यत् परार्थघटनावंध्यैर्वऋथा स्थीयते ||

- नागानन्द

A bed made of soft grass. Seats made of clean stones. Houses under the trees. Pure cold water to drink from the freely flowing streams. Various tubes (like potato) for food. There are animals that help (in their own way). All the luxuries that can be thought of are present in the forest. But it all the facilities lack only one thing - there is no body make use of it.

- Nagananda

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