Friday, January 8, 2010

अत्रिसंहिता - भिक्षुकः

शास्त्रेषु हीनाः कवयो भवन्ति
    कवित्वहीनस्य पुराणभट्टाः |
पुराणहीनाः कृषका भवन्ति
    भग्नाः कृषेर्भगवता भवन्ति ||

- अत्रिसंहिता

Those who are not well versed with the scriptures will become poets. Those who are not poetic will at least be able to recite the puranas (mythological stories). Those who can not do that will become agriculturists. Those who can not do agriculture, will roam villages asking for alms.

- Atrisamhita

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