Sunday, February 7, 2010

मुद्रराक्षस - तृष्णा

स्तुवन्ति श्रान्तास्याः क्षितिपतिमभूतैरपि गुणैः |
    प्रवाचः कार्पण्याद्यदवितथवाचोऽपि पुरुषाः |
प्रभावस्तृष्णायाः स खलु सकलः स्यादितरथा
    निरीहाणामीशस्तृणमिव तिरस्कारविषयः ||

- मुद्रराक्षस

Even the most articulate people, honest people lie in front of a king by praising about qualities that he does not have. This is the effect that greed has on people. There is another alternative. If a person can win over his greed, then to him even a king is as insignificant a blade of grass.

- Mudrarakshasa

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