Thursday, April 22, 2010

रामायणमञ्जरी - अरण्य - सत्यं राज्ञां वुभूषणम्

वैराग्यमिव वृद्धानामौचित्यं महतामिव |
शुचिशीलमिवार्याणां सत्यं राज्ञां वुभूषणम् ||

- रामायणमञ्जरी, अरण्य

To be free from worldly desires is an old man's duty. To be humble is the duty of the virtuous. To be clean and chaste is the duty of any person who expects respect. To be truthful to his responsibilities is the fore most duty of a king.

- Ramayanamanjari, Aranya

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