Tuesday, May 11, 2010

चतुर्वर्गसंग्रह - श्रुतवर्जितो यः

अन्धः स एव श्रुतवर्जितो यः
    शठः स एवार्थिनिरर्थको यः |
मृतः स एवास्ति यशो न यस्य
    धर्मे न धीर्यस्य स एव शोच्यः ||

- चतुर्वर्गसंग्रह

He who gives up education is blind. He is a cheater who does not give alms to a beggar. He is dead who has not done enough good deeds in his life to give him fame. He is pitiable who does not spare a thought about Dharma (moral code of life).

- Chaturvargasangraha

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