Thursday, May 13, 2010

प्रतिमा नाटक - भर्तृनाथा हि नार्यः

अनुचरति शशांकं राहुदोषेऽपि तारा
    पतति च वनवृक्षे याति भूमि लता च |
त्यजति न च करेणुः पंकलग्नं गजेन्द्रं
    व्रजतु चरतु धर्मं भर्तृनाथा हि नार्यः ||

- प्रतिमा नाटक

The stars follow the moon even when Rahu engulfs him (eclipse). When a tree falls down in a forest, the creepers fall along with it. When the tusker gets its foot entangled with lotus plants, the female elephants do not abandon it. It is in the nature of a virtuous wife to follow her husband in glory or misery alike.

- Pratima Nataka

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