Saturday, July 10, 2010

हितोपदेश - सुहृत्भेद - दान बल श्रुत आत्म

धनेन किं यो न ददाति नाश्नुते
    बलेन किं येन रिपुं न भाधते ।
श्रुतेन किं येन न धर्ममाचरेत्
    किमात्मना यो न जितेन्द्रियो भवेत् ॥

- हितोपदेश, सुहृत्भेद

What is the use of wealth that is not spent either in charity or on himself? What is the use of strength that is not used to control enemies? What is the use of reading all the scriptures that does not make you follow Dharma? What is the use of knowing thyself when you can not over come your senses?

- Hitopadesha, Suhrudbheda

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