Thursday, July 8, 2010

रघुवंश - अंगलीवोरगक्षता

द्वेष्योऽपि संमतः शिष्टः तस्यार्तस्य यथौषधम् ।
त्याज्यो दुष्टः प्रियोऽप्यासीत् अंगलीवोरगक्षता ॥

- रघुवंश

A sick person must take medicine even if it is not tasty. Even though a person is rough he may be required for the state machinery to run smoothly. A rogue must be kept at a distance even though he is a close relative - Just like a finger bitten by a snake must be cut off to spare the rest of the body.

- Raghuvamsha

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