Sunday, August 15, 2010

सूक्तिमुत्कावली - धर्म

पिता माता भ्राता प्रियसहचरी सूनुनिवहः
    सुहृत् स्वामी माद्यत्करिभटरथाश्वः परिकरः ।
निमज्जंतं जंतुं नरककुहरे रक्षितुमलं
    गुरोर्धर्माधर्मप्रकटनपरात् कोऽपि न परः ॥

- सूक्तिमुत्कावली

Only a capable teacher can make one see the difference between right and wrong. All the others - father, mother, wife, children, friends, employer, army consisting of elephants, soldiers, chariots, horses and relatives - are useless in this regard since all of them make one prejudiced.

- Suktimutkavali

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