Friday, August 20, 2010

अभिज्ञान शाकुन्तला - राजधर्म

भानुः सकृद्युक्ततुरंग एव
    रात्रिं दिवं गन्धवहः प्रयाति ।
शेषः सदैवाहितभूमिभारः
    षष्ठांशवृत्तेरपि धर्म एषः ॥

- अभिज्ञान शाकुन्तला

There is no rest for the Sun who has taken it up on him to pour light on this world every day. The wind blows day and night. Adi Shesha supports the weight of the earth all the time. Like wise, there is no rest for a king who takes one-sixth of everyone's earnings. He has to work tirelessly towards protecting his subjects.

- Abhijnana Shakuntala

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