Tuesday, September 28, 2010

उपदेशशतक - सत्पथं वृद्धाः

शरतल्पमधिशयनाद् भीष्मादाकर्ण्य धर्मजो धर्मान् ।
दुःखं जहौ दुरन्तं प्रष्टव्याः सत्पथं वृद्धाः ॥

- उपदेशशतक

Dharmaraja was himself very pious. But he also listened to Bheeshma sleeping on the death bed (of arrows). This helped him alleviate the pain caused by all the turmoil of the war before. Hence one must always listen to the old men who have led their life virtuously.

- Upadeshashataka

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