Thursday, September 9, 2010

सोमप्रभाचार्यस्य सूक्तिमुक्तावलि - मानव जन्म

यः प्राप्य दुष्प्रापमिदं नरत्वं
    धर्मं न यत्नेन करोति मूढः ।
क्लेशप्रबंधेन स लुब्धमब्धौ
    चिन्तामणिं पातयति प्रमादात् ॥

- सोमप्रभाचार्यस्य सूक्तिमुक्तावलि

He is a fool who does not follow dharma even after having got this human form in the life. In fact, getting a human form is itself a very difficult task. It is like throwing away a rare gem (chintamani, that can solve all your problems) back into the sea. It is sheer madness.

- Somaprabhacharya's Suktimuktavali

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