Monday, November 22, 2010

अन्योक्तिस्तबक - विज्ञा

जडसंगेऽपिन लिप्ताः श्रीसद्भावेऽपि नोत्तरलाः ।
अंभोजकोरका इव विज्ञा विकसन्ति विश्वस्मै ॥

- अन्योक्तिस्तबक

Even when wise men stay with idiots, they will stay sane. Even when they have wealth, they will not lose their mind. Just like a lotus bud will maintain its cleanliness even amidst mire. It will stay steady even when it has so much beauty. It will bloom beautifully when sun shines on it.

- Anyoktistabaka

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