Friday, December 17, 2010

यशस्तिलक - श्रेयमार्ग

प्राणाघातान्निवृत्तिः परधनहरणे संयमः सत्यवाक्यम्
काले शक्त्या प्रदेयं युवतिजनकथामूकभावः परेषाम् ।
तृष्णास्रोतोविबंधो गुरुषु च विनतिः सर्वभूतानुकंपा
सामान्यं सर्वशास्त्रेष्वनुपहतविधिः श्रेयसामेषमार्गः ॥

- यशस्तिलक

The following are generally accepted in all scriptures as the way to lead a successful life: stay away from hurting animals, do not steal from others, be honest, keep donating now-and-then, keep mum when people talk about a young girl (do not defame her by heresay), keep a check on your desires, be humble with your teachers, compassion towards all beings.

- Yashastilaka

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