Sunday, January 30, 2011

हितोपदेश - सुहृद्भेद - मेधावी

शीतवातातपक्लेशान् सहंते ये पराश्रिताः ।
तदंशेनापि मेधावी तपस्तप्त्वा सुखी भवेत् ॥

- हितोपदेश, सुहृद्भेद

shIta vAta Atapa kleshAn sahante ye parAshritAH ।
tadaMshenApi medhAvI tapas taptvA sukhI bhavet ॥

- hitopadesha, suhRudbheda

A person may face a lot of miseries when he is dependent on others - cold, wind and heat. If he is willing to even withstand a fraction of that discomfort and perform penances, he can be very happy and independent.

- Hitopadesha, Suhrudbheda

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