Sunday, February 13, 2011

यशस्तिलक - ज्ञान क्रिया

हतं ज्ञानं क्रियाशून्यं हता चाज्ञानिनः क्रिया ।
धावन्नप्यन्धको नष्टः पश्यन्नपि च पङ्गुकः ॥

- यशस्तिलक - ज्ञान क्रिया

hataM jnAnaM kriyAshUnyaM hatA ca ajnAninaH kriyA ।
dhavannapi andhako naShTaH pashyannapi ca pangukaH ॥

- yashastilaka

Knowledge is lost when not acted up on. Action without knowledge is meaningless. Even if a blind man can run fast, it will only lead to his loss. Even if a cripple can see, it is of no use.

- Yashastilaka

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