Sunday, February 6, 2011

सुभाषितरत्नसमुच्चय - सर्वनाशे समुत्पन्ने

सर्वनाशे समुत्पन्ने ह्यर्धं त्यजति पण्डितः ।
अर्धेन कुरुते कार्यं सर्वनाशः सदुःसहः ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नसमुच्चय

sarvanAshe samutpanne hi ardhaM tyajati paNDitaH ।
ardhena kurute kAryaM sarvanAshaH saduH sahaH ॥

- subhAShitaratnasamuchchaya

When wise men are faced with big trouble (total destruction) then they give up half of their belongings - instead of trying to protect all. They will work with only half and get their work done. It is very difficult to protect your entire wealth in the face of destruction.

- Subhashitaratnasamucchaya

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