Wednesday, March 2, 2011

प्रबोधसुधाकर - आयुः

आयुःक्षणलवमात्रं न लभ्यते हेमकोटिभिः क्वापि ।
तच्चेद्गच्छति सर्वं मृषा ततः काऽधिका हानिः ॥

- प्रबोधसुधाकर

AyuH kShaNalavamAtraM na labhyate hemakoTibhiH kvapi ।
tacchet gacChati mRuShA tataH kA adhikA hAniH ॥

- prabodhasudhAkara

Even if you are ready to give crores and crores of gold coins, you can not extend your lifetime even by a fraction of a second. Life is so precious. If one is wasting such a precious life, then there is no bigger loss than that.

- Prabodhasudhakara

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