Thursday, March 24, 2011

गरुड पुराण - मुक्ति

गर्भे व्याधौ श्मशाने च पुराणे या मतिर्भवेत् ।
सा यदि स्थिरतां याति को न मुच्येत बन्धनात् ॥

- गरुड पुराण

garbha vyAdhau shmashAne ca purANe yA matiH bhavet ।
sA yadi sthiratAM yAti ko na muchyate bandhanAt ॥

- garuDa purANa

When in the womb, or ill, or attending a funeral, or listening to the scriptures a man gets some clarity on his thoughts. (In the womb, his mind is not corrupted by the world). If only wisdom found in such situations would stay with them all along; every one would be liberated from this world.

- Garuda Purana

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