Monday, March 28, 2011

भागवत - वैराग्य

चीराणि किं पथि न संति दिशंति भिक्षां
    नैवांघ्रिपाः परभृतः सरितोऽप्यशुष्यन् ।
रुद्धा गुहाः किमजितोऽवति नोपसन्नान्
    कस्माद् भजन्ति कवयो धनदुर्मदांधान् ॥

- भागवत

chIrANi kim pathi na santhi dishanti bhikShAm
    naiva anghripAH parabRutaH sarita api ashuShyan ।
ruddhA guhAH kim ajito avati na upasannAn
    kasmAd bhajanti kavayo dhana durmadAndhAn ॥

- bhAgavata

Can we not find torn clothes on the road to cover ourselves? Don't the trees give us food to eat as alms? The good rivers; can they not give us water to drink? Have the caves been closed? Will the Lord not reach out to those who seek his refuge? In spite of all the basic needs taken care of by nature, why do the scholars have to praise the rich people who are blinded by the intoxication of wealth?

- Bhagavata

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