Sunday, May 1, 2011

गरुड पुराण - दैव

पश्यन्नपि प्रस्खलति शृण्वन्नपि न बुद्ध्यति ।
पठन्नपि न जानाति देवमायाविमोहितः ॥

- गरुड पुराण - दैव

pashyannapi praskhalati shRuNvannapi na buddhyati ।
paThannapi na jAnAti devamAya ॥

- garuDa purANa

People trip even after seeing the obstacle. People don't understand the scriptures even after listening to them. Even of studying, knowledge still eludes them. This can only be attributed to providence.

- Garuda Purana

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